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Executive Transfer Services

Let’s throw away the fatigue of a long journey and take you to your destination with a comfortable and elegant ride from Southampton to wherever you want.


Finest Executive Car Hire London

A professional business meeting demands an executive journey and this journey is incomplete without a finest and luxurious executive car hire London. Getting to business meetings requires both safety and punctuality. Let Pegasus Chauffeur drive you to your location safely, comfortably and in considerable style. At Pegasus Chauffeur, we offer executive cars in London for the business travelers.

For corporate travel, you need to arrive in comfort and style. Our professional executive chauffeur service in London offers the most helpful executive chauffeurs for the business. Give us your itinerary and we will do the rest.

Executive Transfer Services

Handling a business is no easy task and when you have to deal with professional meeting demands and their executive transfer requirements, there is indeed a lot to handle. A professional business meeting is not complete without a luxurious chauffeur service at hand.

Business travel and chauffeuring require luxury and comfort at their finest. Professional chauffeur services in London offer executive transport facilities for the biggest of clients.

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Services Included In The Executive Transfer

Our Executive service includes:

Private chauffeur services
A private chauffeur takes clients from a pickup point of their choice and drops them off at their destination efficiently. Most companies also offer chauffeurs for hire for a certain time period during which they are at the beck-and-call of the clients. For groups of clients who wish to hire executive transfer services, vans can be hired as well.
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Airport transfers
Picking and dropping important clients to and from the airport is one of the primary services offered by these companies. The luxury fleet of these companies picks the clients from the airport directly and takes them to their destination. The chauffeurs can change their plans according to any untimely and unaccepted delays.
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Group tours
Companies offering executive transfer services also offer off to transport groups of individuals. Most businesses take a maximum of a group of 30 to 40 people for travel.
Point to point travel
Chauffeurs can be hired to travel from one’s pickup point to the destination, as per the requirements of the client.
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Business meeting travel
Executive transfer services also offer to take clients to and from business meetings, the prime purpose of a luxury travel service. The companies offer transport in the best of vehicles with the most skilled of chauffeurs, with a promise of comfort and luxury both.
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Shuttle services
Clients can hire any one of the many shuttles offered by the companies to travel in groups from a pickup point of their choice to their location. Shuttle services can include circulating shuttles, special mobility services, mobility-to-work services, and business travels.

Mercedes E Class for Corporate Chauffeur Service in London

We are proud to offer a top range of executive car hire London for luxurious corporate travel and is refined in every way. Built with quality materials and outstanding features, Mercedes E Class personifies refinement and luxury in one affordable package. This car is an executive car and offers smoothness to the next level being incredibly stable and agile.

You can directly work with a dedicated team manager who will manage all your corporate bookings right from the start to finish. Each of our bookers will receive the chauffeur details like mobile number and full registration details the day before the booking.

All our executive chauffeurs are licensed professionals and aware of the confidentiality required during corporate travels. Our chauffeurs have signed confidentiality agreements so simply sit back and relax, you’re in good hands with Pegasus Chauffeur.

We are available for

  • Conventions
  • PR events
  • Business Meetings
  • Corporate hospitality function
  • Exhibitions and a lot other corporate travel

How to find the best executive transfer service

Executive transfer services are key to a successful business deal and without a service that promises arrival-on-time, style, luxury, and comfort, you cannot attain the best. When you are in search of an executive transfer service for your business, finding the ideal choice there is in the market is crucial. When choosing a service for your travel dealings, consider the following tips if you are in for finding the very best.

Go for professionalism

  • They provide chauffeurs, not drivers: Professionalism is the key to an excellent transport service so when deciding between the many available options, you should go for a company that offers chauffeurs, not drivers. Drivers can be unreliable and might give poor service.
  • A driver is simply someone who can drive while a chauffeur is a licensed professional who can guarantee quality service. When hiring for executive transport services, you want only the best for your clients and only a professional chauffeuring company can promise the best in return for your money.
  • They offer a luxury fleet of vehicles: Professional service providers also promise luxury vehicle fleets with limousines and Mercedes, among other top-ranking luxury vehicles.
  • Timely pick-and-drop: You can only rely on a professional service provider to take the clients to their destination on time.
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Benefits of hiring a professional executive transport services


Prompt arrival

Time is crucial when it comes to businesses. Reaching your destination in time for an important meeting is a necessity and a good executive transport service can do just that for you.

Travel management companies are equipped with the latest technologies that enable the chauffeurs to choose traffic-free routes, roadblocks, and construction sites, ensuring timely arrival at your destination. Together with a comprehensive knowledge of the geographical area they are operating in, this allows them to make it through the area in as little time as possible.


Consider safety and security

Secure travel is a necessity when it comes to executive travel and you must take this into consideration before finalizing the deal. A company that offers vehicles with a GPS system and skilled and knowledgeable chauffeurs is the safest option you can go for. To land yourself the safest company, it is best to conduct a thorough search of the available options and go over their history, record, and client satisfaction.



Private chauffeur services by executive transport service providers guarantee privacy, a valuable asset in business meetings. You can attend important business calls, make deals, and handle important matters, all on your journey.

From the variety of companies available, deciding which best meets your needs can be a difficult task. With the aforementioned tips, you can make the most of your executive transport service and guarantee a luxurious and comfortable ride.

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With business trips come several complications including the unfamiliarity of the location, traffic delays, a lack of privacy, language barriers, losing luggage, and much more. A professional executive transport service guarantees maximum convenience by eliminating the risk of all these complications.


Local insight

When faced with a new location and unknown routes, it can get tremendously hard to get through the place in time for a crucial meeting. Chauffeurs working for professional executive transfer companies are well-aware of the geographical layout of the city they are operating in and can get you around in time.

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Better productivity

With a business to manage and an important meeting to reach, it is better to leave the travel to professionals. In a new locality, getting around can consume valuable time and an executive transfer service promises enhanced productivity by removing this load off your shoulders.

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Cost of the services

Another very important consideration is your budget. Companies with luxury vehicles and countless amenities cost more than others so keep in mind your budget when searching your options. It is wise to consider whether the service offered is truly worth the amount you will be paying. A thorough search and comparison is the key to doing this right.


Amenities offered

While safety is a priority, another one of the considerations is luxury. When you are investing in hiring executive chauffeuring services, you might want to get some extra amenities in return for your payment as well. A luxury fleet of a recognized company includes vehicles with a sufficient amount of space and cleanliness.

To get the most comfortable transport service, you should look for Wi-Fi, reading material, tablets, drinks, etc. Vehicles offered by professional companies are much more reliable and comfortable than vehicles driven by ride-share drivers you can hire otherwise.

Personalized Executive Chauffeur Service in London

With our fast and efficient booking system, we keep track of all the records. Our system saves client preferences from the previous bookings to ensure you receive very personalized service at your doorstep. With our personalized corporate chauffeur service in London rest assured that your business executives, CEO and other discerning VIP clients will be looked after carefully and professionally. You will get the right car for your business meetings or corporate events. From the executive Mercedes E Class, S Class to the larger MPVs, we have them all. You can choose precisely by exploring our fleet the right vehicle which fits your company requirements and standards.

Our competitive price will help you keep you happy without worrying about your budget. Looking for executive chauffeurs for business meetings in London? Call us today for a premium executive car hire London and let us entertain your guests in luxury and style! We are open 24/7 and 365 days. Waiting to hear from you!