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Rolls Royce Phantom VIII


Luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom 8 Hire in London

When it comes to luxury cars, the Rolls Royce Phantom VIII has few rivals. This 2020 model is considered the Holy Grail of ultra-luxury cars. It boasts a sleek, modern design while still retaining that classic Rolls Royce body. This eighth generation of the Rolls Royce Phantom makes even the most prestigious executive cars such as Mercedes S Class or the Bentley Mulsanne look proletarian.

For the decades, Rolls Royce been a symbol of opulence with most of its client base being the rich and the famous. However, with our help at Pegasus Chauffeur, you can find a Rolls Royce for hire. 

That is right, our luxury car hire company allows you to rent out these refine cars for multiple occasions: weddings, business meetings or just because you felt like treating yourself to the good things in life. What is more is that Pegasus Chauffeur also offers this luxury car with chauffeur services—something that could come in handy when you are looking for airport services or a luxury wedding car for hire.

Rolls Royce Phantom Specifications

So, what makes this luxury car so coveted? The Rolls Royce Phantom VIII boasts a 6.8L V12 engine type engine with an 8-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive. The interior of the car is styled to meet the needs of the owner— it can also be adorned with custom artwork on the dashboard. 

The car is quite spacious with ample legroom. The rear of the car is also extremely spacious allowing of rear passengers to enter and exit the car gracefully. Inside, they will be treated to scores of extravagant facilities such as deep-pile carpeting, adjustable backseats with a massage button as well as a refrigerated console, and a remote control for the vehicle’s infotainment system. What could be better than enjoying these treats while being driven around by a private chauffeur?

The Design

While looking for a Rolls Royce Phantom wedding car hire, it is important to check out the design of the car and see if it matches your aesthetic. At Pegasus Chauffeur, we have summarized what you should expect.

In keeping with the classic Rolls Royce design, the car has a short front overhang coupled with a lifted front end. The car seems to have a set-back rear passenger compartment which makes the front section of the car look elongated—adding to its futuristic design.

In addition to this, this is the first Phantom model to display Rolls Royce’s signature Parthenon radiator grill.

Safety and Driver- Assistance Features

The luxury car offers a myriad of assistance technology to its driver including night vision as well as a laser-light system. Moreover, the car has a standard of displaying forward Collison and lane-departure warning, anti-lock brakes and front-impact airbags. 

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