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Experience London In Luxury with our Premium Sightseeing Chauffeur Service


Experience London In Luxury with our Premium Sightseeing Chauffeur Service

Sightseeing tours are one way to add glamour and thrill to a lousy holiday evening. With our private London tours for sightseeingyou can enjoy an unforgettable tour of your favourite place.

Our private chauffeurs are sufficiently skilled to guarantee a world-class chauffeuring service in luxury vehicles. Well-informed and highly experienced chauffeurs are bound to make your private service luxurious.

If you are in need of a refreshing sightseeing tour this holiday, our services provide an experience of luxury at its finest to make your experience memorable. Get onboard our luxurious vehicles driven by skilled chauffeurs to enjoy a wonderful tour of London city!

We deliver the finest tailor made Tours of London

Pegasus Chauffeurs proudly announces itself as London’s most renowned London sightseeing chauffeur service in the UK. We offer a tour of luxury, class, and comfort, to our clients for enhancing their sightseeing experience tenfold. Pegasus Chauffeurs has been providing a range of exclusive services including Luxury Airport Transfers, Executive Chauffeurs, Event Chauffeurs, and Sightseeing chauffeurs.   

For making your tour even better, you can couple your sightseeing tour with a shopping experience and an evening-dine out. London is a wondrous location with interesting sites that one just cannot miss out on. Among famous destinations in and around London are the London Eye, The Shard, The Westminster Abbey, and many more. In our luxury fleet of vehicles you are guaranteed a once-in-a-lifetime experience.




Elite London Sightseeing Chauffeur Hire Service

“Pegasus Chauffeur” is a popular company for ground transportation management delivering elite London sightseeing chauffeur hire service with professional chauffeurs. The chauffeurs have years of experience in delivering private car hire chauffeur services for worldwide clients. Our driver-guide/chauffeurs are all handpicked as well as very informative about the London areas. We will ensure you and your clients receive the best chauffeur service with Pegasus Chauffeur, making it unforgettable.

Whether you require a half-day tour in the UK, or an entire week or even more than that, we are capable and strive hard to make it possible. We can offer you luxury cars to fulfil your requirements and satisfy your group, plus a knowledgeable and well-experienced chauffeur who will serve as your tour guide.

The Pegasus Chauffeur team is available at your service. They will work with your travel requirements. Our corporate tours are available even for a larger size group offering flexibility from a few people to a large-sized group.

without further delay, book your ride with our efficient chauffeurs for a luxurious travel experience around the famous destinations in London

We guarantee a private, exclusive, comfortable, and high-standard Chauffeur hire service for London sightseeing in a fleet of luxury vehicles driven by professional chauffeurs. Our easy online booking system, online payment, and big fleet of vehicles to choose from promise a very convenient tour around London. We guarantee a private, exclusive, comfortable, and high-standard Chauffeur hire service for London sightseeing in a fleet of luxury vehicles driven by professional chauffeurs. Our easy online booking system, online payment, and big fleet of vehicles to choose from promise a very convenient tour around London.

Executive London Sightseeing Tours by Pegasus Chauffeurs

London has numerous iconic tourist destinations that you must visit, and Pegasus Chauffeurs is allowing you to experience this at its finest.


Half or full-day tours

Our flexible services allow you to book a half- or full-day tour, as per your requirement. You can also customize your tours, decide your destinations, and combine trips.



Popular places to visit in London

London is a hotspot for tourists because of its many exotic locations and landmarks. Some of the most popular destinations for sightseeing include The Victoria and Albert Museum, Shakespeare Globe, among others.



Themed tours

You can enjoy an amazing themed tour with our chauffeurs. Weather your choice is “the Beatles”, “Harry Potter”, or “Murder and Ghost”, our chauffeurs will take you on a tour to all the relevant places in London and expose you to the wonders of London’s history.




Our professional chauffeurs are licensed drivers who have underwent a special training program, so you can sit back and enjoy as our chauffeurs do what they do best.


Hospitality features

With our chauffeur sightseeing services, you enjoy a ride equipped with refreshments, bottled water, on-board Wi-Fi, and air-conditioning.


Best Sightseeing Tour London With Chauffeur Driven Car

London offers many iconic sights and several tourist destinations. From Buckingham Palace to the House of Parliament, The Cathedral, Tower of London, what can be better than to hire our luxury chauffeur driven tours in London. We would love to take you to Knightsbridge, Covent Garden, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, British Museum and many other heart-throbbing locations.

Pegasus Chauffeur is proud to be the country’s most popular and best chauffeur-driven tour providers in and around London. We are delighted to take you in the kind of luxury, comfort and class you deserve for sightseeing. Our chauffeur guide will be there throughout the trip assisting you with the best places to visit along the route so that you miss out none.
For a better tour, you can even combine your London sightseeing chauffeur hire tour with a small shopping tour or an evening dine-out at your favourite restaurant.
  • We provide private sightseeing tours in London and only your group will participate.
  • Collapsible wheelchairs can be accommodated inside the car.
  • Infant seats are available on request, You can confirm at the time of booking.
  • A confirmation message will be received as soon as your booking is confirmed.

Book your journey today from Pegasus Chauffeur to enjoy an ultimate luxurious London sightseeing chauffeur hire service.

Exotic Features of Private Sightseeing Chauffeur Service with Pegasus Chauffeur

Private Sightseeing Chauffeur Services include:

Luxury cars
Our fleet of luxury cars is big and wide-ranging, so you are bound to find a vehicle of your dream. From Bentley,Mulsanne, to Rolls Royce Phantom VIII, we have it all!
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Well-mannered and courteous chauffeur
With our well-mannered and courteous drivers, you will be at utmost ease and be able to enjoy a comfortable tour where you can take in the beauty of London in peace.
Range of sightseeing options
We would love to make your tour special by taking you to see some of the most renowned spots in London, like the London Eye, and Covent Garden.
Our luxury vehicles are equipped with on-board Wi-Fi, refreshments, air-conditioning, and much more. On this tour, you are bound to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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Extreme value for money
We value your money and guarantee a wonderful sightseeing experience that you will certainly not regret!
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Royal fleet
Our royal fleet of vehicles is unique and exquisite. You get to ride in your dream car with a skilled chauffeur at your service.
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Streamlined Booking Process

The process of booking is simple as follows:

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Enter contact details
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Covid-19 safety measures

  • The vehicles are sanitized before and after every service
  • Our chauffeurs do not shake hands
  • Chauffeurs undergo regular medical exams
  • We follow-up with TFL updates for covid-19 Guidelines
Pegasus Chauffeur safety
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What makes best Private Sightseeing Service in London and the whole UK

We guarantee service quality worth every penny that you invest.

      1. 24/7 available chauffeurs
      2. Coverage of a variety of locations in London
      3. Range of services are available
      4. Luxury vehicle fleet
      5. Extremely personal service

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