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Do I have to tip the chauffeur?

A standard gratuity is often already included in Chauffeur Services rates, so the answer to ‘do I have to tip the chauffeur?’ is a resounding no. Chauffeurs are typically salaried professionals who receive a considerable amount of financial support from Chauffeur Services as well as their pre-arranged clientele. Chauffeur Services London believes that tipping should only be offered to Chauffeurs if they go above and beyond their usual service. Please remember that Chauffeur Services already include all taxes, tolls, and fees in Chauffeur Service rates – gratuities are not necessary.

Generally speaking, Chauffeur Service London does not encourage tipping Chauffeurs. Chauffeur Services already get the opportunity to make a decent hourly wage. it is up to you, the customer of Chauffeur Services , to decide how much to tip Chauffeur if you want to tip them.

If Chauffeurs request any form of payment or advertise alternative services, we ask that you provide feedback after the ride by contacting the chauffeur services company. they will review and investigate all driver requests for personal compensation and maintain a high standard of Chauffeur Chauffeuring services.

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